Throughout May, VanCAF will be sharing online programming content from creators from around the world! We have interviews, podcasts, panels, workshops, live-streams, and more. We will continue to add programming to this schedule, so stay tuned.

We hope you can join us and celebrate comics!

We will also be using #CanCAF when we share our content.

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You can see the master schedule for all the great content from these festivals and learn more about CanCAF here.

VanCAF Online Programming

May 11th12:00 PMYoutube/InstagramIn Conversation with Whess Harman and Cole PaulsWhess Harman, Cole Pauls
May 11th2:00 PMYoutubeSpotlight On: Gene Luen YangJohnnie Christmas, Gene Yang
May 11th4:00 PMPodcast
Salt & Honey Interview Matt FractionSloane Leong, Leslie Hung, Matt Fraction
May 12th12:00 PMYoutube
Draw with KarensacKarensac
May 12th2:00 PMYoutubeIn Conversation with Aron Steinke and Breena BardAron Steinke, Breena Bard
May 12th4:00 PMYoutubeIn Conversation with Steenz and Tristan TarwaterTristan Tarwater, Steenz
May 12th6:00 PMYoutubeSpotlight on: Al ColumbiaRobin McConnell, Al Columbia
May 13th11:00 AMYoutubeMeet Mayana ItoïzMayana Itoïz
May 13th12:00 PMYoutubeSpotlight on Kazu KibuishiTony Cliff, Kazu Kibuishi
May 13th1:00 PMInstagramStudio Walkthrough/Drawing Demo with Connor WillumsenConnor Willumsen
May 14th12:00 PMYoutubePSpotlight on: Michael DeForgeAm Johal, Michael DeFroge
May 14thTBAYoutubeMasterclass with Julia Billet Julia Billet
May 14th2:00 PMYoutubeHanging out with Simon Hanselmann and Sami AlwaniSimon Hanselmann, Sami Alwani
May 14th4:00 PMYoutubeSpotlight on: Georgia Webber and Vivian ChongAndrea Warner, Georgia Webber, Vivian Chong
May 14th5:00 PMInstagramMeet Berenika KołomyckaBerenika Kołomycka
May 14th6:00 PMYoutubeBerenika Kołomycka WorkshopBerenika Kołomycka
May 15th10:00 AMYoutubeDigital Colouring a Comics Page with Nathan FairbairnNathan Fairbairn
May 15thTBAYoutubeMeet KarensacKarensac, Marc Fournier
May 15th12:00 PMYoutubeLooking at Layout with Kathleen GrosKathleen Gros
May 15th2:00 PMYoutubeCreating Digital Publications with Josué MenjivarJosué Menjivar
May 16th11:00 AMYoutubePublishing Comics with Kickstarter PanelModerated by: Jeff Ellis, Panellists: Lucy Bellwood, Hannako Lambert, Haley Boros
May 16th12:00 PMYoutubeMeet Claire FauvelClaire Fauvel, Marc Fournier
May 16th2:00 PMInstagramNiv Bavarsky and Michael Olivo go live on Instagram!Niv Bavarsky and Michael Olivo
May 16th3:00 PMPodcastSalt and Honey with Junko MizunoJunko Mizuno, Sloane Leong, Leslie Hung
May 16th4:00 PMInstagramPaul Gilligan reads from King of the Mole PeoplePaul Gilligan
May 16th5:00 PMYoutubeFood, Comfort, and Comics PanelModerated by Pearl Low, James Wright
Panellists: Shing Yin Khor, Wendy Xu, Jade F. Lee
May 16th7:00 PMZoomVancouver Comic Jam: Online Jam!Everyone!
May 17th11:00 AMYoutubeThe Tradewaiters: Reading DeeplyJam, Jeff Ellis, Jonathan Dalton
May 17th12:00 PMYoutubeComics Craftworks PanelModerated by Ilinca Barbacuta, Panellists Teo Duvall, Yoshi Yoshitani,Shazleen Khan,Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn, Hannah Blumenreich
May 17th1:00 PMYoutubeInterview with Claire FauvelClaire Fauvel, Marc Fournier
May 17th2:00 PMYoutubeWebcomics PanelModerated by Alina Pete, Panellists: Kory Bing, Sam Logan, Jam, Jeph Jacques
May 17th3:00 PMInstagramDave CoverlyDave Coverly
May 17th4:00 PMYoutube
Spotlight on Becca TobinZandi Dandizette, Becca Tobin
May 17th5:00 PMPodcastComic Legends Legal Defense Fund Interview
May 20th12:00 PMYoutubeJoanna Karpowicz & AnastasiaJoanna Karpowicz