James Lloyd


James Lloyd is a Vancouver cartoonist who has worked both in television and print, but is best known as the regular artist on the Futurama Comics and Simpsons Comics For Matt Groening?s Bongo Comics imprint. He initially cut his comic teeth in the mean streets of the Vancouver DIY small press scene at the outset of the nineties, and began working on local productions in the animation business in 1995, helming layout and storyboard chores.
Since then he has worked on comic projects for First Second books and Boom! Comics, most notably on the Adventure Time title for the latter.
In 2016 he began teaching comic lessons as part of Langara College?s Continuing Studies program and in 2017 he returned to animation to work on Dreamworks Entertainment relaunch of the classic series, Rocky & Bullwinkle. He has held presentations and workshops throughout his twenty years plus of drawing professionally in hopes of inspiring those who love art & storytelling to ditch it all and draw for comics instead. Also he likes Red Leicester cheese.