Angela Melik


The Order Pastel is a debut creative partnership between Sfé R. Monster (Beyond Anthology, Eth’s Skin) and Jam (Wasted Talent). Sfé is a trans, queer comics creator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia; editor of the Lambda Award-winning Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology and Lambda Award-nominated Beyond 2: The Queer Post-Apocalyptic and Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology, a contributor to dozens of anthologies, the writer of the official Minecraft graphic novel, as well as creator of their ongoing webcomic Eth’s Skin. Jam is a cartoonist from Vancouver, BC, who is best known for Wasted Talent, their autobiographical comedy about their life as a mechanical engineer. They have also contributed to several anthologies (most recently, Cloudscape’s Gene Day-nominated Swan Song) and their work has been featured in Make Magazine.

The Order Pastel marks a new creative partnership between Sfé and Jam, combining Sfé’s bold design aesthetic with Jam’s colourful whimsy. The duo is focused on creating works that explore gender identity, liminal spaces, mental health, personal growth, and sustainability. 2020 will mark The Order Pastel’s formal debut as a creative partnership, and at this year’s VanCAF they will be sharing five new works: their collaborative One Good Thing – an exploration of finding gratitude in a world of chaos, as well as solo pieces, including Jam’s Shenzhen Fast – How Stuff Gets “Made in China,” Oh Duh, I Should Eat!, and Sfé’s The Wolf That Only You Can See, and Untitled (a comic exploration into 4-dimensional space).

The Order Pastel is about creating a space to thrive in a world where survival is becoming increasingly challenging. It’s not okay…. But you’re okay. Let’s make some comics together.