Andrea Rosales


Andrea Rosales is a 3rd-generation Mexican-American comics artist and graphic designer originally from Los Angeles, California and based in Portland, Oregon. Andrea got her start in comics working on the magical girl webcomic Nine Twilights. Her work has also been published in Bad Neighbor Comics’ The Pub Crawl Anthology, Sweet Little Resistance, and Arledge Comics’ My Kingdom For A Panel Anthology, Dark Lady Returns Anthology from Hellcat Press and she has comics being published in the upcoming Mañana: Latinx Comics From the 25th Century from Power & Magic Press, Strange Waters from Arledge Comics, The Latinx Food Anthology, It’s Fun to Stay Alive from Creatively Queer Press and is actively working on the graphic novels “Vida” and “Gamer Girl & Vixen”. She received the Joan Eliot Sappington Award for her mini-comic “Conchas Y Chocolates” at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts and had a month-long solo exhibit at the Sequential Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

In her storytelling, Andrea is passionate about the mantra “show don’t tell” when it comes to acting and character performance. Much of this is inspired from her training in character animation and love of expressive characters. When not drawing comics, Andrea is going on scenic nature walks with her chihuahua, Manchas, cooking Japanese curry and is daydreaming up stories for her adorable Pan Dulce pals characters.