Spotlight on: Juli Majer

Pizza Punks and Dakwäkãda Warriors author Cole Pauls interviews Vancouver BC’s Juli Majer. Pauls talks with Majer about her sculpture work, moving from line work to full colour illustrations, being influenced by manga, Kewpies, small creatures, collaborating with Colour Code, Moniker Press, Nieves, founding DDOOGG and discovering the Vancouver comics community. Cole Pauls: Juli Majer:

Deni Loubert interviews Joan Steacy!

Zooming the Pandemic – Comic Book Edition – A Special Series of Interviews for VanCAF 2020

Deni Loubert interviews Joan Steacy, author and illustrator of “So, That’s That!” and “Aurora Borealice”. This series is in partnership with NewWest TV.

Spotlight on: Jordan River

Dakwäkãda Warriors and Pizza Punks author Cole Pauls joins Detroit comic artist, Jordan River in conversation about his drawing and creative process! Collaborating with his partner Chloe River, curating anthologies, risograph printing with Cold Cube (Seattle), discovering the french animated classic “Fantastic Planet” and the influences that lead him to create “A Moth Among Butterflies”. Follow Jordan on instagram @_abrownrecluse_

Spotlight on: David Collier and Gary Topp

Robert Dayton interviews David Collier and Gary Topp about Collier’s new book Topp: Promoter Gary Topp Brought Us the World. Listen below or on our podcast (link)!

You can buy Topp from your local, independent book-seller or from Conundrum Press (link).

In Conversation with Cole Pauls, Marc Bell, and Marmalade Duplex

Pizza Punks and Dakwäkãda Warriors author Cole Pauls interviews Canadian Psychedooolia comic artist Marc Bell and his band Marmalade Duplex. Pauls and Bell discuss his VanCAF 2020 poster, # NotTheMinions, Stroppy & his “Kick the Ball” spoken word performance. Marmalade Duplex hunks Brad D. Slab & Telly Salmonayonaise join the conversation about their new band with Marc, plus two of the three Triplex Singers, Lean ‘Dine & Santa’s Workshop join the fun! Visit… to buy your own copy of “Marmalade Duplex Plays the Tuna Olive Village” OUT NOW!

Appearing in this video:

Tyson Brinacombe (Foods, Cosmos the Band) , Brad de Roo (Perennial PlotsComedy For Airports) Sadie Olchewski (Nons, Juvenile Hall) Steph Yates (Cots, Esther Grey)

We are seeking two new members to join our Board of Directors!

The Vancouver Comic Arts Association is a non-profit focused on celebrating comics, art, and storytelling. Through the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VanCAF), the Society programs a two-day celebration of comics with readings, panels, workshops, and artist exhibitions. To learn more about our work and our values, we invite you to read our Festival FAQs, get a sense of this year’s online programming, read our land acknowledgement comic and statement, and review our code of conduct.

We believe that stories told through comics have the power to transmit ideas in ways that no other form can achieve. As we continue to grow as an organization and in our programming, we are seeking two new members to join our Board of Directors. 

If you…

…are interested in working with VanCAF to grow in the following areas:

  • Year-round programming
  • Additional educational programming and partnerships
  • Continue to increase and sustain direct support of QTBIPOC artists 
  • Create and strengthen community relationships

…have expertise or experience in one or more of the following fields:

  • Professional accounting
  • Law/legal
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • UX/UI/Computer Programming
  • Outreach
  • Lived experience of racialization
  • Working meaningfully with equity-seeking groups

… and have an interest in:

  • Comics, art, stories
  • Positively impacting your local community
  • Working with artists and creators
  • Gaining governance experience

…then we’d love to hear from you. Please email a resume and short letter expressing your interest to

Thank you!

Spotlight on Matthew James-Wilson

Pizza Punks and Dakwäkãda Warriors author Cole Pauls interviews Matthew James-Wilson of FORGE Art Mag. Pauls talks with James-Wilson about starting his own digital magazine, working for Rookie Mag & Vice, curating gallery shows, collaborating with artists and starting his own musical project, Castle Pasture. Check out or to read an issue!