VanCAF 2020 Announcement of Event Cancellation

As you know, the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak has had significant impacts that are still developing today. In response to the global pandemic, health authorities regionally and nationally have taken steps to slow the spread of the disease, including cancelling any large gatherings and restricting international travel. 

That said, it is with a very heavy heart that we announce the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival 2020 is cancelled. We understand and appreciate that festivals like VanCAF are so important to the livelihood of artists and creators, are a great way to connect and meet new people, and a meaningful opportunity to volunteer within a passionate and dedicated community. 

At the moment, VanCAF staff, Vancouver Comic Arts Association board members, and VanCAF volunteers are working hard to recalibrate the festival. We are exploring alternative ways to share and promote the incredible work of artists and creators, including adapting certain workshops and panels to be online, a digital artist alley, and more. 

Since this is a turbulent and confusing time, we thank you for your patience while we explore new digital ways to bring you comic artists’ work, share their skills, and organize new comic events once feasible. 

If you have any ideas surrounding different strategies for promoting and supporting the Vancouver comics community, we would love to hear from you at! We are inspired by other festivals and events in the creative ways they have changed and adapted, and we hope to do the same. 

Exhibitors who have paid for a table will be given the option of a full refund, or for us to hold onto their payment until VanCAF 2021 and guarantee them a spot without having to reapply. Exhibitors have been contacted directly, but please contact to state a preference either way. 

We sincerely hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this uncertain time. Please contact if you have any further questions or concerns. 

All the best, 

The staff of the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, and the board of the Vancouver Comic Arts Association

VanCAF Presents: Comics Classroom

The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is very excited to announce our inaugural educational day. Happening on May 17th 2019 at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library, Comics Classroom is a free opportunity to learn vital comics skills and practices directly from comics professionals.

This day would not be possible without generous financial support from the Capilano University Animation Department. From department head, Don Perro: “The Comics Classroom Project is a fantastic addition to VanCAF that brings real learning to the Festival. The skilled artists instructing these workshops bring with them decades of experience and will serve to inspire and direct a new generation of talent. I am so grateful that Capilano University Animation Department can help make this project possible!”

We are also thankful to the Vancouver Library for providing space for this in their expanded 8th and 9th floor learning labs in the Main Branch on Robson. These new facilities are an amazing addition to the centre of literature for the City. VanCAF would also like to recognize the City of Vancouver for their financial support in helping to make this event happen.

The workshops are designed so that those new to the medium and those who are more experienced can learn and practice the foundational skills of making comics. Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, from Russian by way of San Francisco, to Tasmanian, to important Canadian creators. VanCAF provides these workshops free to the open community in an informal setting. Priority will be on an equitable exchange of ideas and uplifting and bringing forward unique voices.

Participants will be able to learn colouring techniques from Tony Cliff and Simon Hanselmann, gag strips with Doug Savage, Inking by Simon Roy and Roman Muradov, non-fiction storytelling with Gord Hill, and a guide to publishing graphic novels with Faith Erin Hicks.

Festival Director, Isabella Laird had this to say about this series, “ I wanted to bring an education element to VanCAF because there are so many talented cartoonists that attend the festival that could share their knowledge. The artistic skills presented in these workshops can be used in comics, but also in any industry where there’s a focus on visual communication. Participants will be able to network with fellow creators, and share their ideas and comics. I’m very excited to start this education series and hope to grow it in the future.”

For more information and and how to register for the workshops, please click here.

And if you have any questions, you can contact VanCAF at