Comic Creators and Publishers at VanCAF

With VanCAF just a few days away, we wanted to remind everyone of the amazing list of exhibitors we’ll have at VanCAF this year! That includes comic book artists, writers, graphic novelists, cartoonists, illustrators, publishers, and more. For the most up-to-date list of creators at VanCAF this year, take a look at the Creators page. For the full list of publishers that will be at the show, visit the Publishers page. Don’t forget to review the Debut Books page as well, with info on new books that will be making their first appearance at VanCAF!

Some of our Publishers will be conducting Portfolio Reviews on Saturday morning, and all aspiring comic creators are welcome. The reviews are first-come first-served in the Workshops Room C, from 10:00 AM through 12:00 PM on Saturday.


Unfortunately the following exhibitors have had to cancel their appearance at VanCAF: Taneka Stotts, Genue Revuelta, Sarah Simes, Culdesac Press, Leigh Davis, Rosemary Travale, Kurtis Wiebe, Owen Gieni, Kelly K., Craig Arndt, Hannah Fisher.

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